Create perfect thumbnails

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This app makes it easy to crop out a small thumbnail from a larger image.

In a web shop there are usually many photos of products. However the products are not always centered in the photos, so the web master must manually crop out a thumbnail that shows as much as possible of the product. This is why ThumbnailCutter was made.

- Can process big image files: png, jpg, tiff, gif, pdf.
- Realtime preview of the thumbnail.
- Thumbnail width and thumbnail height can be specified separately.
- Background color can be customized.
- 3x3 guideline grid in the crop area.
- Stretch image or maintain aspect ratio.

Get more save options with 1 click. This enables you to save in different file formats, such as PNG, JPG, JPG2000, GIF. Further more you can adjust the compression ratio for JPG files.

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