Computer generated graphics for designers

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Imagine a synthesizer where you put lots of modules together to generate weird sounds. GDT is exactly like that, but for computer graphics instead.

It's easy to make weird stuff.

Built on simple principles that allows you to build infinitely complex projects only limited by your imagination and skills.

- 100 building blocks for bitmap and vector manipulation.
- Real time.
- Non destructive.
- Detailed help for every building block.

If you are a math wizard then you may find this intuitive and fascinating. If you don't find it interesting then don't try it out. Experience with Photoshop will not help you, it somehow makes learning more difficult from what I have seen (says: Simon).

"Toolbox is a single-window editor and integrated environment for making visuals, more along the lines of a Photoshop or Illustrator. I’m not suggesting you’ll toss your Creative Suite 3 license out the window, but what this does mean is you could generate an asset from start to finish in this tool — and, perhaps, take it out to another program." - PETER KIRN, CREATE DIGITAL MOTION

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