Colorblind Vision

See the world through the eyes of a colorblind

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→→ Number 1 medical app in United States, China, Spain, France, Canada, Australia and 80 other countries. ←←

More than 100.000 downloads worldwide.

Featured on television show "แบไต๋ไฮเทค Daily 5 LIVE" in Thailand.

"My husband is color blind, and thanks to this app, I finally understand how he sees the world. It's quite fascinating. This app will definitely help us explain color blindness to curious friends. It would be nice if it also had the capability of taking or browsing photos, but the live view works great. Thank you, opcoders, for creating it!"

"As a software UI designer, this tool has really been useful in trying to design interfaces (particularly graphs) which will be usable by even the colorblind segments of the population! So great! Plus, I think it's fascinating to actually view the world through someone else's eyes!"

"An insight into what my daughter sees. Wonderful."
Chris H1

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Transform your iPhone into a real-time color blindness vision device. 30 FPS video!

An essential tool you as a professional designer must use to verify that your design works for everyone.

This app simulates the most severe deficiencies. It's all in real-time. Just launch the app and look at the world around you through your iPhone.

- See in real-time what it's like to be colorblind.
- Take the guesswork out of designing for color blindness.

1 in 12 people have some sort of color deficiency.


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